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Like my big Texan greeting? This week on the podcast I would like to share an amazing lil chat I got to have with Ace Berry AIFD. We talk shop, making brides cry and personal struggles within ourselves. I actually have a second part to this, since we like to chat LOL. My first encounter with Ace was at AIFD symposium in Chicago. I was a first-time attendee and PFDE candidate (professional floral design evaluation). We definately need people like Ace in this industry. The sheer amount of love he has for his "job" (I put that in quotes because of that saying...Love what you do and never work a day in your life!) is amazing. He's a pretty cool guy, be sure to follow him and check out his Instagram and facebook.

 Ace Berry AIFD 

Ace Berry AIFD 

 Floral beard Ace Berry AIFD and Stacey Carlton 

Floral beard Ace Berry AIFD and Stacey Carlton 

 This is GUS!!! Such a cute doodle. <3

This is GUS!!! Such a cute doodle. <3

I hope you love the interview as much as I did getting to chat. I know I've been a little absent and inconsistent in the passing few months. Thank you for the grace, it has been such a joy sharing this with the world. I am working hard to keep it out there for you all to enjoy. 

Flower Math With Alison Ellis

Numbers, numbers, math, numbers...

Did I totally freak you out? Don't run away. Pretty please!!! I promise you'll like this week's episode. I get to chat with THE Alison Ellis. The flower math gal. She loves her some flower number crunching. 

 The Amazing Alison Ellis of  Floral Artistry  and  Real Flower Business

The Amazing Alison Ellis of Floral Artistry and Real Flower Business

We got to chat about being a florist with integrity and getting to know what it entails to be a florist that offers more than middle of the road service. I really think this is a good episode, for sure if you're maybe newer to the floral industry. There is standard pricing and no, it's not a myth or just order's part of running a business and keeping in business. 

We may not have the glam life, but we have something special, and we work damn hard for it. I throughly enjoyed this chat with Alison. I hope you will too. 

Alison has numerous ways to help you out:

Email templates, workflows, proposal writing, pricing, contract help, A full flower math course and a business course called The Art of Good Business!!!

and she has free content you can try on for size too:

Try A Free Course:

Flower Boss. A Free Training To Move Your Business Forward. Free!

In this free course florists get insights into how I set a minimum on weddings, how to book more weddings more quickly, how to get paid, how to handle customer complaints, how to answer the question “Are these flowers expensive?”, the importance of valuing your work as well as the worst business advice I ever took! Get it here.

Pricing Mistakes Florists Make. A 4-Part Series. Free!

My free 4-part series provides strategies to help florists nip these 4 major pricing mistakes in the bud.  (Even experienced designers make mistakes from time to time, however, a few bad habits can mean big trouble for your bottom line.) Get it now.

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Understanding your pricing is the single most important thing you can do for your business. In this FREE course you’ll find 2 recordings from my Markups Mondays Live series. 68% of florists I surveyed said they are “moderately confident” in their pricing. If you ever ask yourself, “Does this look like a $75 arrangement?”, then this free course is for you!

Floral Crown Tutorial. Free!

This FREE video tutorial is a quick pro tip on how to make a floral crown and package it for delivery! In less than 6 minutes you’ll see how I make and package a headwreath for delivery. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Here's the link to the video I mentioned about adding in that one little rose extra...and how much it hurts your bottom line. Check it out on youtube. 

 Andrea Grist, Courtney Kroymann, Gina Thresher, Alison Ellis- Chapel Designers NYC 2016 Photo:  Amanda Domouchelle

Andrea Grist, Courtney Kroymann, Gina Thresher, Alison Ellis- Chapel Designers NYC 2016 Photo: Amanda Domouchelle

Launching Officially This Friday!

Hey Friends! 

I apologize to your ears. I am terribly late at launching this amazing podcast. It is coming. In fact, it should be gracing your presence this Friday to be exact! I have been scrambling to learn all of this new technology and well, how to edit is the real killer. I will be submitting to itunes, google play and other places for you to subscribe. BUT...if you want in on the freebies and goodies in each episode be sure to subscribe to the podnews. Oh, and if you follow From the Ground Up Floral Podcast on facebook I will be polling and asking for stories and fun shares there from time to time. Looking forward to introducing myself to you all on Friday! 


What!? A podcast?

Are you excited? ME TOO!!!

So coming soon, as soon as my technology gets the green light from the podcast land people, there will be a floral, creative, business blend of a podcast coming to your ears soon! I will formally introduce myself and my ideas, hope and dreams for the audio space. 

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