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Wine and Design Turkey Day Edition

Wine and Design Turkey Day Edition


Get ready for Turkey day with an updated modern Thanksgiving Day centerpiece. This one is skinny...(one thing we all won't be after the pie) so it fits on your table no matter if you're doing family style or plated dinners! Also works great if you have a friend come who will be at your Thanksgiving table too. This design is made to pair up with others if you have a long family style table. Create a whole row for an amazing fall tablescape look.

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All materials and tools will be provided. First glass of wine is on me! Feel free to order more, or snacks after that on your own. Glue will be involved…I know I am special with glue sometimes, please wear something you wouldn’t mind having glue stuck to (you know, just in case). You get to take home the finished product, the tools and such stay with me. Come and have a social night. Bring a few friends and make something cute! Oh, and if you want to host one of these at your home, please let me know!!! I love bringing the party to you.