Well, hello there!


It all started when…

We don’t need to go that far back. I mean, I can’t really say I grew up picking flowers in my grandma’s garden…no, I was more of a fort building, rock throwing, frog catching type. I actually pursued a degree in invertebrate biology. Ok, tangent. But, I’m getting there. Fast forward to I got married. That did it. I was that DIY crazy bride, the one that doesn’t really notice she’s spending a fortune to ruin her nails and causing her family to panic when she doesn’t have the boutonnieres done at 3am the morning of the wedding. Cheesy as it sounds I gained two loves that day. I married my best friend, and gained a whole new addicting career.

I was hooked. I took classes, got certifications. Nationally and internationally. I was featured and published. Going on ten+ years, I still love every aspect of my job. I now enjoy teaching, speaking, and social media-ing (ok, I forced that one). Most of all, I still adore weddings.

My life includes an amazing husband, who often builds me really cool archways and structures, and can actually design too! Bonus! Two kiddos, who are amazing little people. A goofy giant dog, two cats and a bunny.

Bottomline, I’m here to make people smile, with flowers.

(Team and freelancers photos and bios to come!)