My goals for this year (oh, and I'm a blogging newbie)

Alright, This is my first actual blog post ever!  I know, super exciting.  I've wanted to start blogging for a long time now and have a lot to get writing about.  But now that I'm here, I think I'm having a bit of a writers block.  So, I have lots of ideas for posts.  I am going to start you off with what I am currently doing in the floral world.

As a lover and promoter of education.  I happened upon the wonderful AIFD.  American Institute of Floral Design.  I was deeply moved by how they vow to educate and promote not only floral designers, but the floral industry.  I have made the decision to practice, practice and practice for the testing for membership in Chicago this year.  

I have never been to a symposium, but I've heard it's the "rapture" for florists.  I am most likely going to be a puddle of mess by the time I have to test.  But hopefully I will do well.  This sort of testing is totally design based.  It is likened to Iron Chef for the floral industry.  You get 4 hours to complete 5 designs.  They give you a list of your supplies and what specifically you will be creating in the 5 designs a few minutes before you are thrown in a room with 150 other super talented florists in the same boat.  Within the 5 designs there are options in each.  The 5 designs being duplication (based on a picture), sympathy (could be any type of sympathy arrangement), an everyday arrangement (or holiday/or based on a specific place for flowers ie. a coffee table), flowers to wear (corsages/boutonnieres/floral jewelry), and wedding (any part ranging from bridal bouquet to flower girl).  Kind of makes my heart rate speed up a bit...I'm so nervous.

I have also chosen to make this journey a public one.  I did apply for a grant, fingers crossed, to make this journey social.  Meaning I will be making study guides, videos, posts, and many more helpful things to do my part in promoting knowledge.  Because I believe that you're never done learning.  I know that sounds cliche.  But seriously, how can you really ever hope to better yourself and move forward without learning from other people's experiences.  I find it humbling.  How easily I am impressed when I learn a new trick or see something used in a creative way is astounding.  I probably just stand there with my jaw open muttering wow! lol.

So this is my goal for the year.  I am going to work hard and do the best I can do under this crazy pressure!  But most who know me know pressure is my fire.  I will be keeping you updated with the latest on this subject, since it is all I can dream about lately.  Thanks for reading my 1st ever post.  :-)