Blog Challenge #1 A Simple Introduction

Number One:  Who am I? Well, let's see...I am a mother of two little munchkins.  A wife of six years to a wonderful man.  I am a florist!!!  I feel blessed to have found my passion in life.  I am a sister, daughter and granddaughter.  I love my goofy family!  I am an entrepreneur.  I am brave and not afraid to try new things.  Things that I am not...I have never been called lazy.  Usually I work myself to the brink of madness!  Often I am not exactly the tidiest of people (hey, creative people are a bit ADD when they have to organize and clean things).  I am not perfect.  Not even gonna try.  But I do learn from my mistakes and count them.  I take criticism and critique well and find value in other people's ideas and creative processes.  Not to say I don't know when someones opinion shouldn't count though.  There are always going to be haters LOL.

Number Two: Why did you start blogging?

So, I've always had something to say.  I get that from my dad I think.  But really, I've wanted to blog for a long time.  My husband didn't add a blog to my first website because he didn't realize that I wanted to do it.  I find it a part of being a business owner.  A part of wanting to share my education, experiences, and just random stuff with people.  Brides, florists, gardeners, flower lovers, and anyone interested in some way.  I have a list a mile long of blog articles I want to write!  I just lack the time to do it...husband yells at me for the gap between my posts.  Wedding season ripped my energy from me.  I need to make it a routine though.  I am determined!

Number three:  Who is this blog for?

This blog is for anyone who smiles like a small child when they get a bouquet of flowers.

will (my son after he "helped out" at the market.  His payment was a bouquet of zinnias :-) )

Number Four:  What's something I've been working on that I'm REALLY proud of?

I've got ideas coming out of my ears.  I just wrapped up wedding season and finished the fall bridal shows in my area.  Now I'm gearing up for the holidays already.  I did get myself booked into a few holiday festivals and expos this year which I'm quite proud of.  I haven't had the get up and go to get on it this early in the past.  Usually by the time I think of it, it has passed me by, which sucks since that could be a lot of sales.  I am also teaming up with my mom and hosting DIY wreath making and wine tasting. (she is a bar owner)  I am working out the details, but super excited to be offering up my knowledge and having a fun class available soon!

Number Five:  What's the one MESSAGE that I hope people take away from my blog?

hmm.  The one idea?  That's tough.  I would hope it would be something like "wow, there's a lot to the floral industry I didn't know"...But it's probably going to be something like "OMG! this chick admitted to accidentally gluing her eyelashes together with floral glue."