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Happy Halloween

Meet the Dark Winter Queen. She was a collaboration between Courtney Bowlden Photography, Rachel Davis, and Kendra Hittinger Hair and Makeup  and I (From the Ground Up Floral)!


We envisioned a beautiful woodland queen (a little evil maybe), evoking the spirit of the forest. And of course, she needed a crown, and a bouquet...a gorgeous tulle skirt and some accessories.


This was shot up in the wilds of Mt. Baker, and it was freezing! It started snowing. Poor Rachel was soo cold.


The crown was made of blackberry vine I painted black and intertwined with Oasis flat wire. I added in some contorted willow and skeleton leaves to add movement and texture. The bouquet is composite roses, blackberry vine, magnolia leaves, and chocolate queen anne's lace. 

Bouquet in the snow.

Bouquet in the snow.

Mossy details on the bouquet handle.

Mossy details on the bouquet handle.

This was a really fun creative collaboration! Doing something a little out of the ordinary was good to stretch the design muscles. 

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

Florally yours,