Classes and fun events!

We’re in it! Fall is here. What’s new? I hope you’re enjoying football season...or just eating allll the snacks like I do. If you’re thinking about a way to get friends together or maybe a fun activity to host for the holiday that doesn’t include massive amounts of prep work I’m your gal!

I’m rolling out seasonal classes where I come to you. Yes, I bring you the activity, supplies, and you keep the final product. (available for groups of 6 or more) Email me or call for more info or to book! or 253-234-4024. For fall we have Punkulents. I’ll be adding one for November and then it moves to winter holiday activities.

Wait, wait back up...What even is a punkulent?!

Well, glad you asked…

It’s my little made up mashup of a succulent dish and a pumpkin! Meet the cutest little thing ever.

If you’re interested I will be hosted by Red’s wine bar at Kent station on Monday the 29th at 6pm. Here’s the link for tickets! Wine and Design


The August event was so much fun! We had a full house. Here are some pictures of the class hard at work.

celfie class.jpg

*****Did I mention the first glass of wine is included in your class?! Just thought I’d mention that.

Thanks for reading!

Florally yours,