A hint of game of thrones at UW Center for Urban Horticulture

I’m sure you’re probably wondering how the heck there’s a hint of Game of Thrones in this wedding. Well, there’s a ton of awesome little cool things in this wedding it’s hard to pick a favorite. I mean, we have to start with these shoes!

Then there is her hair. It’s the perfect shade of blue. Her maids had slightly different colored blue dresses and ribbons to match. Which matched the shades of blue on the groomsmen ribbons. Challenging? Um, yeah. But I knew it was going to look amazing! Challenge accepted and completed!

Emily's blue hair.jpg
Shades of blue bridesmaids.jpg

And the UW Center for Urban Horticulture does not disappoint! It is absolutely gorgeous. Here’s a quick scroll through with pictures from the venue. Check out University of Washington Botanic Gardens on pinterest!

And now you’re wondering where the Game of Thrones is right? Well, what if I said they actually had knights fighting in the courtyard during the cocktail hour! Yes. They totally did. And it was amazing!

Fighting knights

So, here I am setting up the reception in the room and I hear clang clang shing…(the best medieval fight noises I know). It was hard not to stare! So entertaining!

Here are a few tips to create a unique and captivating experience for your guests:

  • Go with a theme that you guys are both nuts over.

  • Find ways to tie in your theme. (if you love beer, maybe think of having hops for a fall wedding)

  • Think about hiring an entertainer, or some live action element to keep guests involved, entertained and having a great time.

  • It’s the small details that add up to a really impacting memory. Even if it’s the tiniest flower in your bouquet. Emily chose to have a few dainty stems of snowdrops in her bouquet. One of those details a guest may never see, but that you’ll remember forever.

The First look

(this makes me smile so much)

First look.jpg

The cute pup you see there, his name is Bran. I LOVE IT. Look at his sophisticated bow tie. Animals in weddings are the best!

bran the dog.jpg
Bright spring Bouquet.jpg

Emily’s bouquet breakdown:

  • Juliet garden roses

  • Succulents

  • Bearded Iris

  • Peonies

  • Purple lisianthus

  • Hypericum berries

  • Coral ranunculus

  • Snowdrops

  • Small bits of apple blossom

  • Ferns and local greenery

Bride and groom.jpg

The Ceremony

Ceremony flowers.jpg

The Reception


The cake

Cake characters.jpg
Cake table.jpg

I have to say, they look really good animated too. And, yes. That is a plastic sword for the cake cutting.

Cake sword.jpg

This wedding had some amazing vendors, a perfect amount of character, and a lot of love.

Julia Pavlovski with Weddingwise

and Salt and Pine Photography


Wishing you a fun weekend! And wishing Emily and Dave a happy anniversary month!

Florally yours,