Take action

I recently stumbled upon a new networking and entrepreneur motivational sort of group I would call it.  It is for business owning/motivated women in their 20's to 30's.  Young Female Entrepreneurs If you're like me and tend to do a bit (honestly a ton) of procrastination...they have a Daily Action calendar!  Heck yeah, I want to be productive.  Who doesn't?  I seem to put so much on my plate it's hard for me to focus and pick one thing to finish.  Maybe call it a prioritization issue?  Anyways, check it out.  They have a calender set up so that you can post something (via instagram, facebook or twitter #dailyAction) productive each day of the month.

This is just a snippet.  There's actually a whole package that comes with it when you purchase yours.  The package is almost like a daily journal.  It is full of fun daily prompts and things to get you moving.  Weekly emails to give that extra bit of accountability. I actually have a free code for giveaway if someone wants to be my Daily Action buddy?  Contact me @ Gina@ilbelfioredesigns.com or the contact sheet on my webpage.  Note* I only have one code, but you can purchase and support the YFE community with the link for the Daily Action Calendar above.


Thanks!  Looking forward to doing more. <3