A funny story...

Alright, I'm sharing this with the world because I'm sure if it happened to anyone else I'd be laughing so hard, while shaking my head.For those reading, I am a bit prone to accidents...our just plain able to make anything 80 to 90 percent more difficult than it should me. My follies include breaking my own nose in a freak accident involving a garden trowel, falling backwards down a staircase trying to coolly lean on a door, and many more. Those are not the funny stories I have for today though folks. Today I'm going to share why I should not be allowed to use glue...which is tough being a florist.


Off the top of my head, there are about 4 different kinds of just glue that are a florist's best friend (love+hate in my case)and, that's not including tape.  There are also many many kinds of tape as well.  So few years ago, I was working on a wedding.  Which means to give out the freshest possible bouquets in the summer time, I stay up very late/or early...(depending on your take of the wee hours) to give the bouquets the best possible chance against the hot day to come.  Back to the story.  I have this bad habit of just using the glue however I please and not really following the instructions.  I got the bridal bouquet finished, and to hold everything in place you would use the one in the middle of the glue stash pictured on the left.  The flora lock glue.  I have a really hard time with this glue to this day, because to use it you have to get the little red tubey thing that it sprays from in the hole.  Similar to a can of air that has that nozzle.  It's function is so that you can get deep into the bouquet and spray the base of the bouquet holder's foam to lock all the flowers where they are.  You are also supposed to spray it upside down to get the nozzle cleared of glue once you get it on or are done using the glue.  Great product!  It keeps em there for sure!  Here I am trying to attach the tube, I accidentally somehow managed to spray myself in the face.  yup. I did that.  Mainly my eyelashes.  Unpleasant to say the least!  I had to go the next day blinking like I had some strange eye problem.  That stuff is really really really hard to remove.  I tried a lot of different soaps, rubbing/pulling it off of places that weren't too painful.  It was a mess.

So, future florists, please read the labels and use glue and floral products with care if you are a causer of hot messes like me.

Thanks for reading!