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Summer Weddings

Happy Monday! Just wanted to chat a bit about the up and coming...Yes, it is almost here!!! WEDDING SEASON

So, if you have a friend or relative or someone near and dear who has yet to secure their date with a florist I still have openings in July and August! can pass this on to them.  :-)  Wedding Flyer

Some other really fun and interesting things...The last iconic numerical date 12-13-14 happens to fall on a Saturday in December people! Bridal article in TheStreet talks a little about this big day.  Advice, book extremely early with everything if you want this date.  My wedding was 08-08-08 and I booked my venue about 13 months ahead of time and was lucky, because another couple came to put down a deposit two days later!  I do still have this day open as of now, I adore winter brides!



Other happenings, I have been working on some super fun styled shoots, with loads of talented people.  I should have the go ahead to share the amazing pictures with you soon.  Thanks for reading!