Blogging Challenge #4 Ten things that most people don't know about me

So, the title of today's actual Blogging Challenge is Ten things that most people don't know about me.  Starting out, I don't take myself too seriously.  I can totally laugh about almost everything.  I don't embarrass that easily either.  My aunt's and my mother kind of made me immune to this at an early age, they're quite silly.  Let's dive in! Number one:  I love my family and true friends deeply and would do ANYTHING for them.  That being said, it's not super easy to get into my circle.  I have been told this is very "Gemini" of me.  Loyalty and loving unconditionally is a trait I've had from day one.

Number two:  I am a girl that is as at home driving an off road Jeep, gardening, getting dirt under her nails, horse-back riding, and scuba diving as I am getting my makeup and hair done.  I love to get dolled up, but have come to the realization that usually my manicure will last like two days tops.  LOL.  I do clean up pretty nice though.  ;-)

Number three:  I love things that share my level of passion!  Art, Books, Music, Movies like Amélie, The Beach (with Leo DeCaprio), The Fountain, ALL of Indiana Jones, Goonies.  Adventure, and passion for something.  There are many more, I watch tons of movies.  I am just crap at remembering the names though.  Also a huge horror movie fan!  Not the whole chop em up Saw type movies, but the suspense and mystery ones mostly.  

Number four:  I have deep love for the ocean.  And water for that matter.  I feel connected to it.  I sometimes feel like I was something like a pirate, a sea fearing person or a fish in a past life.  I honestly think that I'd be ok being Tom Hanks in Castaway sometimes.  Before finding floral design, I was studying to go into marine biology and helping collect specimens for a marine science center.  I caught a wolf eel once (it was released after being monitored for a short research study).  I was on the swim and dive team for all four years of high school and was lucky enough to have a pool growing up (not many pools in the PNW).  I think the only way to eventually be at peace in my life is to buy a sailboat someday.

Number five:  Somewhat ties in with my number four.  I have a wanderlust bug like a lot of people.  I LOVE to travel.  I think it is so important to see the world and experience new cultures and things.  Not in a Sandals resort!!!! Good grief.  I have those types of friends, and I am so not an all inclusive travel kind.  Hence, why I have not ever taken a cruise anywhere.  I usually have to see everything, do as much as I can, and come home exhausted, but a happy exhaustion.  I've been to many countries.  Growing up my mother was a flight attendant and my father is still in the airline family.  I have been traveling since 6 months old.  I loved Thailand, and Nicaragua.

Number six:  I am a mom.  I know with the last four categories it doesn't seem obvious.  I have a 3 1/2 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.  I love them so much.  I struggle with the normal mom things daily, and never have enough time in my days.  Oooh, today my daughter took a bunch of eggs out of the fridge and cracked them all over the floor while I was putting on makeup in the bathroom.  But, more than anything I try to remember that they are only little for such a short time and that mommy's business can hold off a little bit longer.  When they go off to school, I do plan on opening up a brick and mortar floral shop.  By that time I will know exactly what and how I want to do things!  I already am getting ideas, and getting used to the seasons of my profession, and learning so much in the entrepreneurial world.

Number seven:  I am a multitasker.  I hate wasting time or making two trips.  I am usually doing more than a few things at once.  Sometimes it's the only way I can get through my long to do lists.  But, because of number usually just ends up being normal time or not as efficient.

Number eight:  I have a horrible curse.  I can legitimately blame this one on my mother, because the same things happen to her.  I can all of a sudden have a day where everything is about 85% more difficult to do.  LOL.  For example, I can go to get out a simple small kitchen appliance out of the cupboard and the shelves will collapse, along with everything falling out on me.  This is just one of many.  It's a gift.

Number nine:  I broke my own nose once, I think I can also correlate this to #8.  I was 16 and cleaning/weeding the back yard by our inground pool leisurely.  Swinging around my garden trowel by the string on the handle.  I think I'd be a youtube hit if I had the next part on video.  But, the metal end (pointy part) disconnected from the handle and flew about 10 feet, hit the diving board, and flew back and smacked be square in between the eyes.  Blood everywhere.  I couldn't stop laughing it was unbelievable.  My sister was frantic because of all the blood and was trying to get me to tell her what happened.  o.0

Number ten:  Okay, last.  For the past 11 ish years I have been doing a job I don't love so much.  I am a dog groomer when I'm not doing flowers.  Mainly just weekends now when it's not a wedding day.  I sometimes feel really bad that I don't love it, it makes really good money and that is why I haven't moved on just yet.  But seriously, it's not an easy job.  ALL DOGS CAN BITE.  Even and especially the Fluffy's and the Angel's of the dog world.  They don't have hands to grab you and tell you no.  Not to mention poop and pee on you, or even worse is the gland thing.  I usually on a typical day am on my feet for 8 hours, don't usually take a lunch (cause in 15 mins I can have another dog washed), and groom 10-12 dogs.  Most of which I love and are great.  I have a lot of request clients.  There is always that one that makes me think "geezus!!! WHY!!!" Then I'm wondering if they are that bad at home lol.  I have seen my share of horribly treated pets that should have had their owners turned in.  I've seen fellow groomers underestimate that one dog and get sent to the hospital, cats grow wings when you get them wet, and no dog in the world actually loves getting their nails trimmed.  And hair slivers are the worst, just saying.  Most people are like "oh, what a fun job"  I just laugh.


There's my ten!  Hope you had a great read getting to know me a little better.  Honestly, not as easy to write as I thought it would be.  Good challenge!