2015 Upcoming floral trends (Blogging Challenge #5 A Helpful Post)

Blogging Challenge #5!  I am running a day or so behind on these.  I'm going to play the "I didn't have enough hours in my day card", but no excuses.  I'm getting it done even if it's a little late.  Better late than never!A helpful post to me would be something like a tutorial or an idea I could be inspired by.  Which is why I am going to give you some of what has inspired me lately, and is on the pulse of trending in the floral world!  I forgot to mention that this wonderful video is from the amazing duo Kristine Kratt AIFD PFCI and Bill Schaffer AIFD PFCI.  Check it out on http://www.schafferdesigns.com They work so hard to research and find out whats on trend.  So a BIG thank you to them and maybe...a future interview on where all their inspiration comes from.


I see a lot of the Modern Garden trend still sticking around it's not going anywhere soon!  Bride's love this look, because it's so natural and flowing.  Brands like Anthropologie, BHLN, Ivy&Aster, and Twigs&Honey.  You can search just about anywhere and find remarkable designs in this category.


Patterns and fun loving colors fit in the Kaleidoscope.  Playing in with geometric shapes and modern sleekness offers another great customization opportunity for brides.  Paper accents, origami, shapes and colors OH MY!  check out some fun here!  Pinterest Kaleidoscope and Geometric Weddings

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Majestic is deep rich jewel toned colors which are very popular as well right now.  Purples are skyrocketing with brides.


And last Lapis Luxury right on trend.  Pantone's colors for spring involve a lot of the spa esque natural colors.  Ranging from aquamarine, to scuba blue.  This will be high on the list for spring and early summer weddings with blue hydrangea, delphinium, tweedia, and muscari, or hyacinths paired with whites, sands, nudes and tans.  Gorgeously calming.

Soft cool hues blended with subtle warm tones create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.” -Leatrice EisemanExecutive Director, Pantone Color Institute

I LOVE these colors for spring, and cannot wait!  Stay tuned for a whole post on these wonderful colors for not just weddings, spa colors are sooo soothing in your home.  Monobotanical (one flower) designs or grouped designs with touches of blues and earth tones give a sense of well being and are wonderful for a fresh start on the year.

Let me know if you are a fan of any of these trends!  Which one is your favorite?  I don't think I can choose, they're all amazing!