So, You're Getting Married (pt.2) Color Your Wedding

Hey there!  Back again this week to chat about color.  Color can be the basis of the feel and theme for your wedding!  It can be playful and fun or chic and modern depending on the shade and pairings.  Let's start with the Pantone color of 2015.  Marsala. Marsala

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Here are some other really hot colors in the wedding world right now.  Check out their pinterest board for weddings! I think on this board there are a lot of light hearted colors, I am foreseeing a sort of blend with earthy colors coming into trend.  The soft pastel pinks paired with a deep rich marsala.  Soft pastel mint paired with an dusty charcoal.  Something graceful and light paired with something earthy, rich, and deep.


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Here are some dos and do Nots of picking out your colors:

Do:  Definitely go to a hardware store and grab some swatches of colors you love and place them side by side to see how you feel about them together!  Continue till you have something that has a main color, an accent color and possible 2 more that will help meld them all together.

Don't:  Put off choosing your colors!  Big mistake.  Making sure you have at least your colors together can help you pick out your venue, theme, attire, FLOWERS, and so much more that will make it all come together.  The more you put it off the less chances you'll have of making a cohesive look.  Last minute picks and you'll forget that the venue has yellow walls.  The more comfortable you get with your colors, the more you'll have chances to tie them in! Pick colors and commit to them, enjoy the ride from there.

Do: Be the bride that cares enough to put her bridesmaids in a flattering color.  Let's face it, not very many people look good in bubblegum pink.  I know I don't! Take the girls to try on dresses and if at all possible find something that looks nice on everyone!  Your pictures will look ten times better.  I love seeing bride's that go for shades and tints of the same color.  It makes it so much easier on finding a look to suit everyone.  I for one, am more on the dark skinned side.  I look absolutely terrible in pastels.  Being more olive toned, I would lean toward something possibly coral instead of bold bright pink.  It's a challenge yes, but I promise they'll thank you for actually picking something that they CAN wear again.

Don't: Forget the whole picture!  Play with contrasts.  Like mentioned above, try to give your colors some life by using shades and tints.  If you only have two colors to your wedding make sure it's not something that is going to make things look flat and lifeless.  Purple linens against purple backdrop, next to purple chair covers with purple napkins, purple bouquets against purple bridesmaids dresses can be harsh.  (purple just being the example chosen...too much of any of the same color is really overwhelming)  Soften it, for example to the purple add some lavender, or silver.

Do: Pinterest it up girl.  Go for it, check out color boards and schemes till it's 2am and your fiance' or fiancee' thinks you're out of your mind.  (I still pinterest under the 2am) I do have some weddings laid out by color Il Bel Fiore.  Here are a couple more of my favorites for wedding colors.  The Perfect Palette   Grace and Serendipity

Don't: Stress out.  There are so many resources for color, you're bound to find a few you like.  Follow some of the above tactics and hopefully you can narrow it down. If you are having trouble just picking a few, think of other components, maybe your relationship?  Any meaningful items, how you met?  Colors are part of our lives on a subtle and almost subconscious level.  If you are really stumped consult a few good friends who know your taste.  When you are just stuck beyond that a planner or florist or fashion guru may be people to consult.  I am listening.

What was or has been your toughest challenge in picking out your wedding colors?

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for next week's tips!

Thanks for reading!

Florally yours,