So, You're Getting Married (pt.3) The "B" Word

Alright! Here with week 3's topic...The "B" Word. BUDGET.

Did you think I was going somewhere else with that?

Ok, let's get started.  Yes, you do have a number.  Yes, it is also very important to know this number.  How comfortable are you with your budget?  Have you set one?  I had a hard time with this one too, because we did have to pay for it ourselves.  We were engaged for a year and a half so that we could afford to do what we dreamed of for our wedding.

So, if you're just not sure where or how to start.  Pick out 5 things that are important to you on your wedding day.  Have your partner do the same.  Then together, combine and pick 5 together.  Compromise, be understanding and try to keep in mind why the other thinks that those things are important.  Then you will have the top 5 items that you both find important enough to spend a significant amount of your budget on.  Not too hard right?

From there, it comes down to what you choose.  Typically, this is what it should somewhat look like when broken down...


 image from the

Sticker Shock Right?!!

The Ultimate Wedding Cost Checklist Infographic

now, keep in mind that you may totally not be into some of these things and can either strike them out or put that money into something else.  And yes, wedding costs are getting up there.  But also keep in mind what is said about getting what you pay for.  You may opt to have a best friend or a friend of a friend do something for your wedding in one of these categories...but please do not expect them to do a professional job.  If it's something you want to DIY.  Go for it!  But, try it out first.  Make sure it's not a project that is going to have you in tears.  Wedding professionals do what they do to make a living.  They work very hard.  When you choose a vendor for a part of your wedding, ask for reviews or samples of their work.  This is their art and art is subjective!  What one person finds a striking bouquet, cake or photo, may not be your cup of tea.  Make it a good fit.  *Sorry* Lecture Is Over Now!!! I promise. Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics

I thought this was kind of a fun sheet.  Would look great in a planning binder!  If you don't have a planning binder started, go now.  Get a three ringed binder and check out what you can find that works for you.  Maybe some monthly checklists... Clever ways to save on your budget that I've come across?

-Register for your honeymoon!  Most people don't know what they should register for, especially if you already live together.  Who really needs another blender...Or an expensive platter.  I know I'd rather spend time with my love on honeymoon.  Check out CNN's take on the honeymoon registration idea.

-Look at your time frame!  Is there something you'll be able to buy on sale after a holiday?  Lights after Christmas season?  Dresses after prom for bridesmaids?  Or Easter for little flower girls and ring bearers?  Keep an eye out for opportunities to buy items you may need.  Just make sure you keep track of it ;-)

-Again with time frame, keep in mind the day of the week you'll be getting hitched.  And, if there are holidays around it.  It may cost more and cause you guests to be unable to attend.  Holidays like Valentines, Mother's day, and such flowers are in such high demand you'll be paying much more than other days.  Guarantee, if you wait a week, you'll get much much lower prices!  Saturdays are super popular at venues...Try a Friday, or Sun (the downside being some people will have to leave early or not come if it conflicts with them coming from or getting to work, or even getting to work the next day).

-Wedding Dresses.  So, just thinking about my own wedding dress in my mother's closet right now...What is stopping me from donating it?  I'm not going to wear it again, or do a trash the dress session with it.  And what is stopping you from buying a once worn or even a never worn dress?  It will be so much cheaper, you can get it specifically altered still if needed.  And best of all, sometimes it helps a good cause.

-Edible Favors.  Do you have a grandma that makes amazing jam?  Maybe a family member that makes to die for cookies?  See if they'd help you out and whip up some bite sized items.  Or make it something that you can DIY ahead of time.  Syrups, flavored booze, candies.  Making things like this snack size and in bulk can save some cash!  Plus your guests will love them!

-Make decisions.  Don't drag out the process.  In the long run, is it totally worth your time/energy to check out 15 venues, 12 caterers, and 2 dozen other vendors?  If someone clicks with you and takes the time to write out a quote for you that fits.  Book it.  There's nothing more heartbreaking than to have to tell a bride I loved who didn't book right away with me that her date is now taken.  If you have a prime wedding day it won't take long for options to dwindle if you dawdle.

I know there is a ton more ways to save to save money on your wedding.  If you have any more let me know!!!  I love hearing new ones.

Thanks for reading!

Florally yours,