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Hi there!

Welcome to From the Ground Up Floral!  Previously il bel fiore.  I am pleased as punch to introduce my gorgeous new rebrand!  On my birthday none the less!  With the help of the amazing Zie Campbell (@ziedarling) at ziedarling.com.  She has an amazing sense of style and is wonderful to work with!  Seriously can't say enough nice things about this gal.  Highly recommend her for anything you need for creating a stand out brand!    

My decision to rebrand the company mostly was the fact people couldn't remember il bel fiore, or what it meant, and honestly I wasn't in love with the name since I came up with it.  Creating a cohesive look for my brand was important to me.  I took a few classes, held a branding party, and hired a graphic designer!  The branding party was so much fun.  I had made up a few mood boards to give inspiration.  We had snacks, wine and then I handed out pens and paper and told people to write down whatever came to mind.  We then read each one out loud and taped them to the "wall of ideas" 

The "Idea wall"

The "Idea wall"

So, by the time the wall was finished there were so many ideas.  The guests that came and helped me so much got a little present to go home with.  

I sat a pondered for all of about 2 minutes the next day.  It hit me.  From the Ground Up Floral.  It was so simple and memorable.  Not sure why I didn't think of it sooner.  The branding party really just kicked my butt into gear.  From there I knew there was a ton to do, and a direction to set upon.  From the Ground Up Floral will be everything I have dreamed for a flower shop, where you can sit and sip and enjoy beautiful eye candy florals.  Even have something custom made for you in the shop.  All along with a drive thru for convenience.  I am currently working on the planning and financial portion of getting this dream moving...since all dreams need a little funding lol.  I am also pleased to announce that there will be a store front available online soon!  YES!!! Online floral ordering and delivery.  It may not be same day, but I can totally do next day.  (since I hand select my blooms for best quality, I can accommodate next day delivery to ensure quality)  Check back soon if you have a special someone that could use some flowers!  Or just because...those get the biggest bonus points.

Thanks for checking in!  

Florally yours,


Gina Thresher