So, You're Getting Married! (pt.1)...What to do next!

I've noticed that I don't have a whole lot of tips on my blog.  I know engaged couples certainly have questions! So, here I am! Welcome to my new blogging series So You're Getting Married!I will update weekly, and if you have any specifics you want the skinny on please shout out and let me know!  This is where I will begin...

BRIDAL SHOWS!!!  Information overload right?  Who do I choose?, What fits my budget?, how do they stack up?  All questions that are probably swimming in your brain.  And I don't have the specifics for you.  But, maybe I can help a bit.

Number one:  Check out your budget.  Get a budget planner app, or go from worksheets.  Make sure you keep in mind what is important to you as a couple.  If you're not really big on a service or a aspect of the wedding services people usually choose from don't feel like you have to spend a ton or even any money in that genre.  Try something different instead.  Look for inspiration from things that shine to you both as a couple.  Make it unique and special.  (note: I had a couple tell me they were going eco friendly and didn't want flowers...I handed her my recycled paper bouquet I made for the Bellevue show.  And then mentioned that even fresh flowers can be eco friendly if you get them locally and from great farmers in the area which I can definitely do!)  A recyclable wedding!  I'm sure it has been done, but very unique and oh the customization possibilities!


As you can see, that can easily lead to a theme or colors.

Once you have that the ball starts rolling!  Venue, colors, theme, flowers, cake, catering...etc.

Gonna chat with you a minute about flowers and your wedding, this is a florists blog, LOL.  So first off, the right flowers will have people talking for ages!  They can take your event from "oh, it was a cute wedding" to "WOAH, gorgeous!".  The right bouquet can make you look like royalty.  Getting the accents from the bridal party flowers, centerpieces, statement pieces, ceremony and reception decor down and matching your key elements of your wedding is a crucial part of making the whole event feel cohesive and flowing.

Here's how I would choose a florist.  First, check out their work, visit their website/facebook/or social media pages to sort of stalk them a little.  Find out if they really do this on a regular basis!  Yes, there are lots of people who can call themselves "florists" but there is a lot to be said for having the passion to actually be trained and have an education in the field you are working in.  Properly trained florists can do pretty much anything you need and give you ideas for coordinating your venue, colors, theme, dress and all the other careful planning that has been done.  Plus, they'll know what's in season.  How to hand wire that gorgeous bouquet you saw on pinterest, and know what it will actually cost to do professionally.  And know what it takes to get your flowers into your hands with them looking perfect!  Each bloom needs special care and treatment!  Here are a few other blogs specifically on this:

And here's a real florists day in the life if you're interested...

Number two: If you can budget it in GET A PLANNER!!!  Don't rely on your mom, best pal, yourself (I can guarantee you'll have at least one or more breakdowns of flat out ugly crying and not to mention the frustration of planning everything), or even your mom in law to be for this.  They will be stressed beyond belief, not get your overall vision as well as you do, and probably not get to enjoy the big day as they should with all the small details they have to think of.  So, do yourself a favor and have that weight lifted off your shoulders!  For the weddings I have done that have a planner, things and people are where they need to be, on time, things transition smoothly, and the tiny little details shine through so much.  While, the ones without are not bad by any means, they are just obviously a bit more stressful.  Even if you can just get someone to do your day of planning, the timeline is alone worth millions!

Number three: Another very important aspect is the photography!  You'll have these memories forever.  I happen to know someone who desperately wanted to hire that great photographer, but couldn't fit it in the budget.  The groom had a friend who wanted to do it for free...yeah, she is still disappointed in the 80's style fades and slanted angles/totally not centered shots.  It is priceless to find someone who has an eye that works for your style and is amazing at what they do.  They are artists too!  I splurged a lot on my wedding photography because I knew it would be one of the lasting elements of my wedding day.  Start early with booking your photographer!  Many of them book out (especially for key dates) more than 6-12 months in advance.  Most wedding photographers offer engagement picture packages as well.

Another is the food, people will remember what the food was like.  It sounds trivial, but a party is not a hit without some kick ass food!  Go sample some food and some cakes...which is by far the most fun part of the planning process.

Stay tuned for more tips!

Thanks for reading!  Hopefully, the blog links and post was helpful to get started on checking out vendors for your wedding!  Best of luck!