2nd Annual Wine & Pine

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!  I loved hosting the 2nd annual wine & pine!  If you have anymore pictures to share, please send them over.  I had such a good time, and on top of the two I hosted at my studio, I did two others at people's homes.  Fun times hanging out with friends and hosting an event like this at your home is definitely a great way to bring holiday cheer to life!  I will be offering them again next year for the holidays, so make sure to book ahead of time since the holiday hustle and bustle gets crazy.  I have to admit, I was so busy this season!  I have been trying to play catch up and taking it easy for a few days before the new year. 

Here are a few fun shots of finished wreaths from the events! 

As far as classes go, I like my wine...but frankly.  I am sick of pine.  I will possibly offering a spring class and a class for the warmer months involving margaritas or sangria of some sort!

Stay thirsty my flowers ;-)

Florally yours,

Gina Thresher CFD

Gina Thresher